SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

putting power in your positioning

SEO. You've heard of it, and you've got a vague idea what it's supposed to be. But do you know just how important it is to the future of your business, and how it fits in with your overall digital marketing strategy?

The days of stand-alone SEO development are over. Of course it still has a place in your overall strategy, but it needs to be taken in conjunction with a wealth of other techniques.

So rather than referring to it as Search Engine Optimisation, we prefer to call the complete package 'Organic Search Techniques'. This takes into account not just the search engine 'bots that traditional SEO is trying to appeal to, but also the search terms that real people are going to use when they open up Google. Search terms that, with our help, will lead them straight to your door.

It's all part of the service

Something that makes us a little different from other developers is that we automatically include Organic Search as part of every website we build. It's part of our best practice web development process – and never something we 'tack on' to the end of the project. Modern SEO is just like baking – it's all in the preparation. If you want your profile to rise up the rankings then you have to put the hard work in at the front end first. And that's where Adonis can help.

Smart Organic Search

We're rather good at the front-end graft, because we don't approach SEO as a separate entity. We take into account the overall strategy we've worked out for your business, including market analysis, current search trends and up-to-date data from the search engines themselves. We also look at your target audience and the keywords they're actually typing into the search engines. If we know what people are searching for, we can optimise your site to take advantage of those terms and trends. This, rather than stuffing your site full of irrelevant keywords, is smart SEO. This is Organic Search. And at Aondis we're rather good at it.

Can we fix it? Yes we can!

So can we get people to click on your link, rather than that of your competitors? Yes, we can. We have a long track record of getting our clients' websites high up the listings in the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!. And we continually stay on top of the latest developments in search to ensure our clients stay there. Statistics show that the vast majority of browsers (well over 95%) will click on the first link on P1 of the search results. We want that to be you, so we make sure our Organic Search techniques work.

Joomla! Search

We are highly experienced Joomla! developers; so much so that we often provide Joomla! development support to other web developers. One of the areas that we have extensive experience with is tweaking the Joomla! code to provide excellent search results.

Get real results with Adonis

At Adonis, we take an holistic approach to web development. We never look at just one part of the picture, but have the experience and expertise to understand how all the parts fit together to create websites that get real results. Find out more about our successes, and how you can join them, with Organic Search techniques from Adonis. Call us today for more information.