Real solutions for the virtual world

If you think eCommerce isn't really that important, consider these numbers:

  • In 2013 online retail spending in the UK (in the B2C marketplace) reached £91billion
  • Online sales rose by 18% in just one month (December 2013)
  • The forecast is for growth to continue at around 17%/annum in 2014.
  • The projections are that the market will grow to around £107billion worth of online B2C sales in 2014
  • 21% of retail sales happen online.*

Those numbers represent just the UK. Extrapolate them internationally and you are looking at a truly massive market. And if your online profile isn't optimised, you're missing out on a slice of one of the biggest retail pies on the planet – eCommerce.

How Adonis can help

We know that you want a slice of that pie. But we also know that you want a robust, secure and efficient eCommerce site that's user-friendly, effective and flexible enough to grow with your success. So it's good to know your Adonis web developers have the right experience to get your store up and running quickly, and the creative skills to optimise its success from day one.

We develop customised eCommerce websites with simple administration tools so that you can quickly add products, create offers and manage your site without having to know a lot about technology. That maximises not only your site, but your time too.

eCommerce – driving the online market

We can develop a state-of-the-art site for you, but unless you can monitor it effectively, market it via a number of online portals and create a strategy that will maximise the success of your digital profile, it won't succeed. At Adonis, we take an holistic approach to eCommerce development, putting as much emphasis on strategy, marketing and monitoring as we do on creating an effective and easy-to-use site.

To do this successfully, we specialise in Joomla!-based systems such as Virtuemart, not because of any product bias on our part, but simply because through years of hands-on application experience we've found them to be the best eCommerce systems by far. Whether you're an SME in your first formative days, or a well-established multi-national with many online portals, Joomla! is the one system we've found that ticks all the eCommerce boxes. From hack-proof security through to analytics and turnkey, quick-install systems that get you up and running fast, Joomla! gives you everything you need to run a successful online business. And at Adonis we've got the experience and expertise in working with Joomla! to be able to bring the right system to the table that suits you and your business aspirations perfectly.

Our eCommerce experience includes many of the most popular systems including Virtuemart, HikaShop and MijoShop. They provide strong security, scalable operation and plenty of options and customisations to ensure your customers get a responsive and enjoyable shopping experience. And that premium customer experience is what's going to keep them coming back time and time again to your site, rather than your competitors.

eCommerce web development process

We begin building your eCommerce website by taking the time to understand your commercial objectives and aspirations. This helps us guide you toward the right e-commerce platform and components, so that your online store features the best practices your customers expect, at the greatest possible return for your budget. We use one of several different development systems:

Virtuemart developers – This is a real 'all things to all people' system, and works equally well as an eCommerce or catalogue format. Its popular eCommerce shopping cart platform provides you with efficient performance and robust security. We're quite partial to Virtuemart, believing it to be one of the best all-rounder Joomla!-based development systems, and we have extensive experience with the intricacies of its inner workings. That means we can quickly configure and optimise your website for sales worldwide using Virtuemart.

HikaShop – This smart, intuitive system is perfect for start-ups and SMEs, providing a wealth of easy-to-use features, analysis and, most importantly for our changing world, responsive layouts that can be optimised to work on any device. That means everyone can see your site in all its glory, including browsers on mobile devices. We like HikaShop primarily because of its flexibility and that dependable Joomla! security and adaptability.

MijoShop – Want to get your eCommerce business up and running fast? MijoShop is an 'out of the box' system that's quick to install and gives you a powerful, flexible eCommerce website that's driven by Joomla! and created by us. It emphasises administration and analysis, giving you real-time control over the development of your business, allowing you to course-correct if necessary to maximise effectiveness.

Affordable, effective and designed to succeed

A service this good sounds expensive, right? Wrong! At Adonis we believe that every business, no matter how big or small, deserves to succeed. So we make it affordable for businesses to take advantage of our expertise and unique skills set by making your investment more manageable with our flexible payment plans. Our pay-monthly option means that you'll be able to get your shop online and selling, while you spread your payments with a manageable credit agreement.

Fancy some of that online pie? Then contact us today to find out about our eCommerce website payment options and terms.

*Figures from IMRG-Capgemini eRetail Sales Index