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If you paid £50,000 for a top of the range sports car, would you put an 1100cc engine in it? Of course not, because while the car may look gorgeous, it would be slow, unreliable and frankly, a waste of time and money.

We feel the same about websites, which is why at Adonis we put as much emphasis on the 'engine' of your site as well as the cosmetics. That means tight, effective and secure coding – and we're pretty darn good at creating an 'engine' that will power your website for years to come.

Joomla! – driving your website

Our 'under the hood' approach means that we use Joomla! coding to develop a site that has code stability and security. Having a well-written code base is essential for any business-critical application. It keeps hackers and malware out while allowing your system to run at optimum efficiency. It's also front-end adaptable, so it's flexible enough to grow and develop with your business with the minimum of fuss and maximum ROI.

Getting technical

Most development companies shy away from really complex functionality. After all, the more complicated a system is, the easier it is to get it wrong, right?

Not with Joomla!, it isn't. The beauty of this system is that it simplifies things and makes it easier to interact the various components of your website (including tight coding to keep those download times to a minimum). Even 3rd party systems can be linked into your site with the minimum of fuss. Joomla! is infinitely customisable, which means we can develop everything from extensions and custom plug-ins, through to modules and those 3rd party link-ups we talked about earlier. The result is a system that is gloriously simple in its complexity, and that can be continuously developed to grow as your business expands.

Adonis - the go-to Joomla! experts

As the industry's go-to technical experts working at the forefront of website innovation, development and marketing, our technical expertise allows us to develop a site as unique as you are.

With a proven track record of crafting successful, high-impact commercial and social websites, we have over a decade's worth of experience delivering vibrant sites for hundreds of companies world-wide, including major players, such as the NHS and UK government agencies, to small and medium start-ups.

We're experts in developing Joomla! libraries, components, modules, plug-ins and templates – basically, we know this system inside and out, and what's more we can put it into action in your website to give you a fast, secure and efficient site that punches well above its weight.

Because we know which technology or platform works best, we can save you money on delivering your site and it will quickly outperform your closest competition too.

Open source development

Joomla! may be our go-to favourite (because we know it works, and works well) but there are plenty of other open source platforms out there, including MySQL and PHP. Some popular web content platforms are entirely based on these (WordPress for instance) and we have plenty of experience in building websites using these powerful tools. If you want something simple, we can build it for you. If you want that '£50k sports car' website model with an engine to match, we can do that too.

E-commerce development

From MijoShop and HikaShop to Virtuemart and other e-commerce platforms, we have the experience you need to develop a stable, efficient and powerful e-commerce shop that is easy to manage and a pleasure to use.

Bespoke web development

Equally at home in other platforms and code bases such as .NET, we can custom build to your specific design so that it incorporates the precise features and functions you want. We have specific experience in the Public Sector, Hotel and Tourism, and Auto Dealership industries, and we can use the appropriate source code and design features to optimise your website to suit your particular sector and audience.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

All the websites we develop are optimised for search engine friendliness (SEO). By taking an holistic approach to search and developing Organic Search techniques rather than stand-alone SEO, we've built up a track record of getting our clients on Page One of Google. And we stay on top of the latest developments in search to ensure our clients stay right at the top of the rankings.

Find out more about Joomla! development and how Adonis can create the website you need to get your business moving.