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What's in a name? Well, if you want a successful website, quite a lot. The right domain name can make or break a business. It can be a pivotal part of your digital marketing, work as its own Organic Search term and convey who and what you are in just a few, simple letters. It can tell people where you are, what you do and lead them straight to your online door like an open invitation.

In short, domain names matter.

At Adonis, we take names seriously. So we've developed a dedicated team who focus on nothing but domain names, and hosting your site on our optimised Joomla! hosting platform. If you want to find out if the name you'd like for your domain is available, just give us a call.

You can also find out more about the different types of extensions we provide, and some very special offers too.

Hosting vs CMS – what's the difference?

If you're a web developer, quite a lot! In simple terms, the hosting platform is the server and software that the website is hosted upon. The CMS is the actual website itself.

At Adonis, we're fussy about the type of hosting we offer, so we burn bright with LAMP – Linux, Apache HTTP, MySQL and PHP programming. These four cornerstones form our hosting platform. There's an old saying - you can't build a solid house without good foundations, and LAMP is the strongest foundation any website can have.

And as for the website itself? Well, we use the single-most adaptable and responsive system known to geaky mankind – the Joomla! development system. This leaves all other systems trailing in its wake, providing you with a proactive, responsive and adaptive website that is good for your business. And at Adonis we're quite good at Joomla!

Why Joomla!?

We don't bother with any other type of hosting platforms except for LAMP, and Joomla! as our go-to development tool. Why? Because we want our clients to feel secure, confident and positive that they're getting the right level of service for their business. They know that our Joomla!-based sites put an emphasis on security, so you're safe from DOSS attacks and hackers. We protect your domain, making sure that you're secure from external attacks 24/7.

We also use Joomla! because of its reliability – server downtime is almost non-existent, meaning you can keep doing business no matter what. Joomla! is also a flexible, adaptable system that permits us as hosts to monitor your website and ensure it's running as efficiently as possible, maximising optimisation and minimising downtime so that your business is doing business 24/7.

Don't just take our word for it...

Find out what our customers say about our hosting service, and what difference Joomla! makes to their business by reading our testimonials.

How much will it cost?

Your website is a major part of your business, so it's worth investing in a domain name that represents who you are, and a hosting service that looks after your interests from the moment you go live. It's crucial to use a dedicated server environment to host your site, to make sure your investment is protected and that your site is being maintained by dedicated professionals who really understand the intricacies of both the Internet and business. The team at Adonis has those skills, and has spent over a decade dedicating their talents to developing Joomla! -based websites for clients.

The result is a cost-effective, efficient service that's reliable, secure and business orientated.

Find out more about our domain and hosting packages here, and contact us direct if you'd like to talk about your hosting needs and website development with one of our experts.